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Square Head Trigger Sprayer

The square trigger sprayer has several advantages over other trigger systems. The main advantage is that it is simple to use. The trigger mechanism is extremely reliable and durable. The Square Trigger's design eliminates the need for a trigger puller or pusher. Simply squeeze both sides of the trigger together, release the spray, and your job is done.

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Square Foam Trigger Sprayer

The square foam trigger head makes the application of the foam simple and fast. The foam trigger provides consistent coverage and it eliminates the need to over-spray or under spray the foam. The foam trigger spray head is also great for working with very small detail jobs, because it provides a very fine mist line for working on very fine details.

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Plastic Trigger Sprayer

The plastic trigger sprayer is made of strong quality polypropylene material, durable and safe, it won't fade or rust like other metal material; the 4. 72-inch tall tube can be easily shortened for smaller bottles, handy tools for whenever you need them. Choose a nozzle for your personal preference and enjoy spraying flowers, plants, trees and shrubs without worrying about the splatters or accidents. The spray head is removable so it's portable enough to bring along to any event. The adjustable neck finish and rubberized hose attachment make this a great addition to any home or office.With the adjustable neck finish, you can adjust the spray direction anytime you need to, whether you're using the sprayer for indoors or outdoors.

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Syrup Dispenser Pump

In addition to its portability, the syrup bottle pump comes with a variety of features and accessories. There is a rubber stopper on the top, which helps keep the syrup from spilling out on to the table. There is a nylon cord attached to the bottle opener, which allows you to have a light weight bottle without any ropes or fittings to manage it. A syrup dispenser pump is a very valuable piece of equipment. Much easier process to make dispensing syrup, coffee, jam etc .It is very easy to clean and maintain; all that is required is a simple rinse. For the ultimate in convenience, you can even connect it to your kitchen sink. You'll be able to pour your syrup into glasses straight from the tap, without having to fret about spilling them or managing a large mess.

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Lotion Pump

Plastic lotion pumps are often made using thermoplastic plastics, making them low-cost devices. As they are designed to provide consistent, reliable delivery of lotions throughout the application process, purchasing a quality pump is an economical choice. Depending on the amount of use the actuator will get, it may benefit to invest in a machine that is equipped with an internal spring. This feature allows the consumer to take advantage of an opportunity to save money in the long run. Spray pumps offer many benefits that will greatly improve the quality and performance of your lotions and creams.

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