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Plastic Trigger Sprayer Manufacturers

The plastic trigger sprayer is made of strong quality polypropylene material, durable and safe, it won't fade or rust like other metal material; the 4. 72-inch tall tube can be easily shortened for smaller bottles, handy tools for whenever you need them. Choose a nozzle for your personal preference and enjoy spraying flowers, plants, trees and shrubs without worrying about the splatters or accidents. The spray head is removable so it's portable enough to bring along to any event. The adjustable neck finish and rubberized hose attachment make this a great addition to any home or office.With the adjustable neck finish, you can adjust the spray direction anytime you need to, whether you're using the sprayer for indoors or outdoors.
Ningbo Yuanyuan Plastic Industry Co., Ltd is professional China Home Plastic Trigger Sprayer manufacturer and industrial Plastic Trigger Sprayer suppliers. We also wholesale home and industrial trigger sprayer worldwide. Customizable OEM/ODM solution.