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The trigger sprayer is made from a durable polypropylene (PP) material

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The trigger sprayer is made from a durable polypropylene (PP) material

Designed to provide a reliable and economical spraying solution, the plastic trigger sprayer can be used for a variety of applications. It is available in a wide variety of sizes and features, including chemical resistance, high output, foaming, and wide angle fine spray configurations. The sprayer is made from plastic, which ensures that it is recyclable.
The trigger sprayer is made from a durable polypropylene (PP) material that provides a moisture barrier, impact resistance, and good scratch resistance. It is also available in various color combinations, including white, gray, green, and red. It has a non-leaking design and is ideal for industrial and consumer applications. Various nozzle configurations are also available.
The trigger sprayer is constructed from an adjustable nozzle, which allows for versatile spray patterns. It also features a flexure, which provides rotational freedom for the trigger handle. It is also available in a variety of nozzle positions, including a "T" opening, "off," and "jet stream." It can be used for a variety of applications, including health and beauty aid bottles, cleaning supplies, and air fresheners. It also features a ratchet design closure, which ensures that the trigger sprayer can be transported safely.
The trigger sprayer can be used for a wide range of applications, including household and industrial cleaning, lawn care, air fresheners, and pest control. It can also be used to package a wide variety of chemicals. Its nozzle can be adjusted to provide a coarse or fine mist, and is available in a variety of styles, including three-finger, fingertip, and horizontal fan shaped. Its nozzle can be customized with heat transfer, ceramic lettering, or silk screening, depending on the product's application.
The plastic trigger sprayer is a popular choice for many different applications, including household cleaning products, air fresheners, and pest control. This type of sprayer is also available in an all-plastic version, which is made of polypropylene and features a 9-1/2" dip tube. Its contemporary design allows for the sprayer to be used in harsh environments without corrosion. It is also available in a variety and colors of closures, including the 28-400 neck finish and the foam mesh nozzle. It can also be packaged in an HDPE bottle, which provides impact and moisture resistance.
The trigger sprayer's pumping device is also made of plastic. The pumping device includes a metal coiled spring, which provides a return force to the trigger handle. It also includes a metal ferrule that seals against the frame cap. It can be paired with a HDPE bottle for aggressive chemical products.
The plastic trigger sprayer also features a comfortable handle. It reduces hand fatigue caused by manual pumping. It is available in a wide range of colors, including red, green, gray, blue, white, and black. It is available in a variety of neck and closure size options, including 28-400 and custom length dip tubes. It is also available in a wide variety of chemical resistance options, including high output sprayers, chemical resistant sprayers with Viton (r) O-rings, and chemical resistant sprayers with chemical resistant caps.

Durable Plastic Spray Gun Trigger

Place of Origin: Yuyao, China
Click the ejection volume: 2.0cc±0.1cc per stroke
Can be customized: Can
Main material: plastic
Color: Red And White/Customized Color
Shape: Gun
Usage: Press
Size: Customized
Uses: Agriculture, Beauty Salon, Horticulture, Household
Plastic type: PP
Trigger: Narrow Handle / Wide Handle/ Two finger Handle
Delivery time: Base On Quantity
After-sales service: Stand by
Model number
Spray: mist/DC
Product advantages description:
SAFE MATERIAL-Our replacement sprayers is made of PP plastic, No BPA and lead free, can effectively and safely store.
Adjustable Nozzle: Adjusts from fine stream to spray to off by turning nozzle
Leak-free, Long-lasting Design Saves You Money. Colors for Easy Identification. 
28-400 Bottle Mouth Size(Customized ): - 28/400 inches thread - Tube is about 10 inches long, which is enough for big bottles or you can also cut to fit small size of the bottles. Our stream mist bottle nozzles are suitable for standard spray bottle tops, fits 28/415 (You Can Customized) neck bottles size.
MULTI USE: Great for window cleaning, auto car detailing, plant care, pest control, house cleaning, laundry care, & pet training
High-quality Triggers Are Made for Industry. from Auto Detailing to Pest Control to Janitorial & Housekeeping to Lawn Care, These Sprayers Will Keep Both Chemicals and Work Flowing.