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Trigger pumps are commonly used in a wide variety of liquid applications.

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Trigger pumps are commonly used in a wide variety of liquid applications.

Trigger pumps are commonly used in a wide variety of liquid applications. They can be used to spray a variety of cleaning products, including liquid soaps and sanitisers. They can also be used to apply hair products. These pumps are often available in a variety of colours and styles to suit a variety of applications.
The trigger pump is designed to operate with different fluid viscosities. Viscosity refers to a fluid's resistance to gradual deformation and corresponds to the informal concept of "thickness". For example, honey has a higher viscosity than water, so a high-viscosity pump will be more effective for dealing with thick liquids.
Trigger pumps use a piston to force a liquid through a small hole in a cylinder. The liquid is drawn from a reservoir 22 through a dip tube 30 into the pump chamber 44. As the piston moves back into the cylinder, it compresses the spring, forcing the liquid through the cylinder. This mechanism creates suction inside the pump, and the liquid is sprayed.
A trigger pump is a simple, mechanical pump that works with the use of a small fluid pump. The cylinder contains a piston and a small spring that pushes the piston in and out of the cylinder. When the trigger is pulled, the piston pushes into the cylinder, compressing the spring, and moves again when the trigger is released. There is one cycle per pump, which consists of two piston strokes.
The trigger pump should produce consistent output for each stroke. This is important in calibrating application rates so treatments adhere to label specifications. The output per stroke ranged from 0.85 g for the Spray-Pro(r) and up to 3.88 g for the Harris(r) Pro. This output per stroke is comparable to the target volume specified on most herbicide labels.
Trigger pumps are commonly used in cleaning products, such as surface cleaners, foam cleaners, and lotion and soap dispensers. The trigger pump is often attached to a spray bottle via a trigger cap nozzle cap. Its design helps align the neck of the container and speeds up production. The nozzle is often made of a different material.
Trigger pumps are economical and practical solutions for a variety of applications. They are ideal for remote field operations. They are especially useful for volunteer weed control activities. They are suitable for spray-to-wet applications and for basal bark treatments. However, they are not ideally suited for hack and squirt applications, where sub-milliliter precision is essential.
When using a trigger pump, the liquid must match the trigger pump's operating characteristics. The liquid must have the right properties to achieve the desired particle size distribution. For example, if the pump is used for cleaning, the sprayer must be able to draw the cleaning liquid from a reservoir. The pump must also force air through the mechanism, or it will not work effectively.

White PP Plastic Ribbed Skirt Trigger Sprayer

White PP Plastic Ribbed Skirt Trigger Sprayer
This white polypropylene mini trigger sprayer has a 24-410 neck finish. The ergonomic shape of this mini sprayer makes it comfortable to use with personal care or chemical sprayer bottles. This bottle has a locking feature with an on/off switch below the nozzle.
This mini trigger sprayer is commonly used for:
Haircare Liquids & Gels
Body Sprays
Sun Care Products
Pet Care Products
Household Cleaners