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The Adwantange of Spray Pump

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The Adwantange of Spray Pump



A trigger spray pump dispenses a liquid after sucking air through a pump mechanism. Since air must be driven through the pump mechanism, the first third of the distance will only dispense liquid. Hence, it is imperative to perform testing on trigger spray pumps to find out if they can handle the liquid. There are several types of trigger spray pumps, but these can be categorized according to their purpose. Listed below are a few of the most common types.

Plastic trigger sprayers were first introduced as spray pumps. They helped retailers distribute liquid products. They are generally made of plastic and can be used for both water and chemical-based liquids. These pumps are typically attached to compatible spray bottles and allow the contents to be dispensed as the consumer squeezes the pump handle. This makes them a great choice for many applications. The TS40 trigger spray pump is a good example of a trigger sprayer.

A trigger spray pump is designed to dispense liquid to produce an efficacious particle size distribution. In an ideal scenario, the pump would operate under fully-actuated mode with no liquid spills. In a separate test, however, the trigger dispenses liquid only for the first one-third of its travel. This type of pump is a common choice for agricultural use, as it is effective for applying many different types of liquids.

The most important factor in choosing a trigger spray pump is its ergonomic design. The trigger should fit snugly without leaking, and the cap should not be plastic. In addition to its ergonomic design, trigger spray pumps can be fully customizable. These trigger spray pumps allow you to choose the nozzle and collar you want, without compromising the safety of your workers. If you're looking for convenience and comfort, a fully customizable trigger spray pump is the way to go.

The force of a trigger spray pump is measured at a distance of 40 mm from the pivot. The maximum force is achieved at 90 SPM, while the minimum force is at 30 SPM. Interestingly, Yoshino sprayer 20 consistently had the highest actuation force. Using test liquids and distilled water, it required approximately 18.1 N of work per stroke. The peak force rose to 62 N when the trigger was operated at 90 SPM.

When a trigger spray pump is shipped, it should be packaged carefully. It should be packaged using bubble wrap and tape on the locking mechanisms. A free gift item can be used as a cushion for the dispenser and reduce movement during shipping. If a trigger spray pump is shipping, it should be packaged separately. If you can't decide which trigger spray pump to choose, consider a custom-made spraying nozzle. A trigger spray pump is a highly functional product that will enhance the look and performance of your products.

A trigger spray pump may comprise a single or double spray engines. Various reservoir sizes and designs may be used to spray different liquids. A dip tube 30 extends from the engine 26 towards the reservoir 22. In response to the trigger, the liquid inside the reservoir is drawn upward through the dip tube. This allows the liquid to be dispensed as needed. If the trigger is not operated, liquid in the reservoir can still be dispensed.