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What Is a Plastic Lotion Pump?

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What Is a Plastic Lotion Pump?



The plastic lotion pump is a common way to dispense viscous products. It works by dispensing the exact amount of product into a bottle. Although these pumps come in different shapes and sizes, they all follow the same basic principle. Learn about the components that make up a plastic lotion dispenser and how they function. If you're a beginner to packaging, it can be helpful to learn how these pumps work before you start shopping for a pump.

The plastic lotion pump is a suction device that draws the product from the bottle into the consumer's hand. The consumer presses down on the actuator, which forces upward air pressure into the dip tube or chamber. The piston returns to an upright position, sealing the chamber and preventing the liquid product from flowing back into the bottle. The pump is designed to repeat this process, known as priming. PP lotion pumps come in a variety of colors and are available at wholesale prices.

Plastic lotion pumps come with saddle or palm heads, and are available at wholesale prices. These pumps fit a variety of plastic bottles with a 28-400 neck size. The dip tube is long enough to fit the bottle, but the length should be checked before you buy. They have various colors, and are also available with a variety of nozzles. You can even find pumps that come with lids! This type of dispenser is a popular choice among consumers.

When you purchase a plastic lotion pump, be sure to buy the right size. Choose one that's compatible with the bottle. You can get pumps that have saddle heads and palm heads. You can also buy bottles with a 28-400 neck size. Always check the dip tube length before buying to avoid any inconveniences. This way, you can be certain your products will stay in pristine condition for as long as possible. These products also make excellent gifts for friends and family.

Plastic lotion pumps are a great choice for cosmetics. They protect the product from damage and provide a convenient method for dispensed lotion. Many of these products come with lids that protect the product from harmful UV rays. You can also choose pumps that are aesthetically pleasing to your customers. Aside from these, you can also use these dispensers to store make-up brushes and eyeliner pencils. This way, you can be sure to find a pump that matches your brand.

A plastic lotion pump works like an air suction device. It draws the product from the bottle to the consumer's hand by compressing the spring. This air pressure draws the ball into the chamber, which seals the product inside. The actuator is returned to the up position after every use, and the consumer can repeat this process as many times as desired. In some instances, the plastic lotion pump can be reused. The pump can be reused after it is used for a single time.