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How to Choose a Plastic Lotion Pump Manufacturer

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How to Choose a Plastic Lotion Pump Manufacturer



If you're in the market for a plastic lotion pump, you've probably wondered where to find the best one. With years of experience in the industry and a mold factory that specializes in custom designs, Lompak offers a variety of styles, colors, and molds. Each style comes with unique spray effects, housing, and closures, and Qiming is able to make them for you with precision.

The main feature of a plastic lotion pump is the ability to deliver a large quantity of lotion or cream to the user. The mechanism behind this pump is made of thermoplastic plastic, which allows it to be durable and reliable. Some models of plastic lotion pumps also feature internal springs for improved performance, which saves consumers money. If you're in the market for a new pump for your cosmetics line, you can count on Ningbo Yuanyuan Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., a professional China Lotion Pump manufacturer and supplier. OEM/ODM solutions are available and we welcome OEM/ODM projects.

The next component of a plastic lotion pump is the closure. It screws the entire assembly onto the neck finish of the bottle. Most pumps feature a polypropylene plastic closure, and can come with a smooth or ribbed side. Some pumps are capped with a shiny metal overshell. A lock-down plastic lotion pump has less chances of breaking while transporting and locating products. Moreover, these bottles are safer for children, so you can rest assured that your customers will never have a problem using the product.

As with any type of plastic product, the neck height of a lotion pump is very important. The height of the neck is important because it is the first point of contact between the lotion and the user. It is also important to choose a cap size for your pump, as some caps are more difficult to fit than others. So, you should always check the size of your bottles before you order any products. These are the two most crucial factors to consider when ordering a lotion pump.

The size of your bottle will be an important factor when choosing a plastic lotion pump manufacturer. You'll want to choose a pump with a large neck. A large opening will prevent liquid from spilling out. A small one will be much easier for the user to use. A smaller one will be more convenient. You'll also be able to buy a lock-down lotion pump for a smaller product. This feature will help you protect the bottle from accidental openings.

A good lotion pump is a great way to increase the sales of your product. The right pump will help you improve the efficiency of your business, as well as the quality of your product. It should be stylish and easy to use. If you're looking for an attractive pump, you can choose one that fits your style and your budget. A plastic lotion pump manufacturer can provide you with the perfect pump for your product. With over 16 years of experience in manufacturing the products, you'll be able to choose the best one for your needs.